Taxi Insurance: Her PMS Still Costs Less Than His GPS

There is a debate raging in the taxi industry. Lines have been drawn on greasy garage floors across the country by male drivers complaining about the fact that their taxi insurance rates are higher than the rates on cabs driven by women. As the guys see it, they were there first, before some liberal clown decided it would be a good idea to let a bunch of "birds" take over a shift. Now the men feel they are getting screwed - and not in the way they enjoy.

Insurance companies have a one track mind: all they care about is reducing risk, and in the car insurance world, women have always enjoyed lower rates than men because they have fewer accidents. Despite the standup mythology about airhead woman drivers, women put fewer claims into insurance companies than the men who have driven cabs for decades.

Not that a female taxi driver doesn't have her own risks. She may be blind with rage because her fella screamed out "Paula!" in a moment of passion, and her name happens to be "Louise." She may be pregnant - by a guy who's not her husband. She's often driving cab, keeping house, shopping and cooking, taking care of two or three kids and visiting her mother in a nursing home regularly.

But in general, taxi insurance companies like women drivers because:

1. They may speed, but selectively: they aren't daft enough to believe their cabs can leap tall buildings in a single jump.

2. They have good judgment about what will fit in a certain space, so they avoid sideswipes better than men. (This comes from so many years of knowing that a size 18 derriere is never going to fit into those size 12 slacks, however hard you try. Men aren't as good at spatial relations: they're still wearing a size 32-inch waist, but they're wearing it just above their groin, with a big pot belly over it.)

3. Women cabbies tend not to waste their aggression on driving. They save it for where it can do the most good - in the bedroom.

So if insurance companies give women taxi drivers a break on their cab rates, the fellas should understand. After all, it's the men who taught them everything they know.

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