Limousine Insurance Buying Guide

The concept for a limousine-type luxury vehicle has been around since the 1700s. Motorised limousines have been around since 1902. Even stretched limousines have been around since 1928. Limousines have not disappeared over time; theyíve just kept getting more luxurious. This is one of the reasons these expensive vehicles have always been considered as valuable assets for their owners.

 Nowadays, limousines can be considered to be a very valuable business or personal asset. Therefore, if you own a limousine, youíll want to be able to replace this valuable asset if itís stolen or damaged in any way. This makes limousine insurance cover essential to your risk management plans.

Need for unique insurance scheme

 Although a few are sold to private individuals, most new limousines are sold to high-ranking government officials, limousine service companies, or large corporations. Limousines are seldom driven by their owners, unless the owners are professional chauffeurs. Due to this fact, limousines require a unique insurance scheme to fit the uses the vehicles are put to. A standard Third Party liability motor insurance cover certainly wouldnít be enough to protect anyone against the higher levels of risk involved. Thus, insurance underwriters came up with a policy designed specifically for limousines.

Common limousine insurance cover benefits

 Like all vehicles, limousines are classified into unique car insurance groups based on their make and model. However, there are two main categories they are divided into. One set is made up of limos that carry 1-8 passengers. The other set consists of the limos that carry 8-16 passengers. Although each group has specific limousine insurance cover based on the type of limo that is included, they all share some common benefits and cover. These benefits and cover can include:

 ∑ Choice of comprehensive full coverage, third party fire and theft, or third party only.
 ∑ Use of an executive car while your limo is being repaired or replaced following an accident, fire, theft, impoundment, or break down.
 ∑ Break down, roadside assistance, and home start cover
 ∑ Employers liability cover
 ∑ Public liability cover
 ∑ Onward transportation of passengers after a break down or accident
 ∑ Uninsured motorist cover providing for a loss recovery up to £100,000 for non-fault claims
 ∑ Chauffeur insurance, executive driver insurance, and/or self-employed driver insurance cover
 ∑ Medical and legal expenses
 ∑ Motor prosecution defence

 The cost and level of cover for each of these benefits will vary from one insurer to the next. Some may automatically be included or excluded in the insurerís limousine insurance package, while others will have to be specifically requested. Itís very important that you ask questions and know exactly what is and is not included under the limousine cover. The types and amounts of discounts will also vary from insurer to insurer.

Locating and purchasing limousine insurance cover

 Fortunately, it has become much easier to locate and purchase high quality limousine insurance cover. Thanks to the Internet, you donít have to spend much time or money finding the limousine insurance package that best suits your needs. A number of reputable insurance brokers and specialists now have web sites to assist you with your search.

 In addition, there are a few specialist insurance comparison sites available online. With these sites, you merely fill out the forms as accurately as you can. Then you submit the forms and wait for the insurers to present their quotes to you. In most cases, the insurance companies will contact you rather than you having to contact them. As with any type of insurance, doing some online comparison shopping for limousine insurance cover will usually result in reducing your premiums, and often by a considerable amount.

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