Buying Chauffer Insurance

If youíre a chauffeur in the UK, then you may be considering purchasing Chauffer Insurance. The problem is trying to determine what type and amount of insurance coverage you may require. Most insurers donít offer an off-the-shelf Chauffeur Insurance scheme. Even if they did, you would still want a policy designed specifically with your business requirements in mind.
 There are various types of chauffeur services, and each one presents a different level and type of risk. For instance, a chauffeur company may own a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. There may be a single driver, or multiple drivers. The business may be set up to provide transportation for special occasions, such as weddings and funerals, or be set up for regular contract work. Some chauffer businesses provide both occasional and regular contract services. A one-size fits all insurance policy definitely would not work well for each of these businesses.

What Chauffeur Insurance is

 Typically, Chauffeur Insurance is used as a motor insurance for executive vehicles utilised for carrying passengers for hire or reward. These are most likely to be Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Lexus, BMW, and other similar makes and models. Although limousines and other luxury cars may be driven by a chauffer, they are usually covered by Limousine Insurance instead of Chauffeur Insurance. However, this may vary from insurer to insurer, and from region to region, depending upon the licensing regulations. Also, Chauffeur Insurance usually has a few add-ons that are specifically geared to private hire or reward drivers thatís not included in standard motor cover.
 If youíre trying to decide between Chauffeur Insurance or Taxi Insurance cover, keep in mind what each one is used for. Chauffer Insurance is used by businesses that pre-book the appointments, and use executive type vehicles. The fare is never paid in cash at the end of the journey, and is placed on account or a credit/debit card. There is no two-way radio contact between the chauffeur and the base office, and the work is frequently regular contracts. Although some taxi services might fit into this description, the majority of private hire taxis do not.

Types of add-ons to consider

 There are several basic types of risks that every chauffeur faces. cover that provide protection against these basic risks should be the basis of your policy. After all, purchasing insurance is an essential element of any good risk management plan. Every successful business utilises some form of risk management to lower or reduce any risks that might destroy the business. The basic risks a chauffer needs to guard against are:
 ō Injury or death to self, employee, or passengers, and other road users
 ō Damage or loss of vehicle(s) due to accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, and employeesí or passengersí behaviour
 ō Damage or loss of public and private property
 ō Medical and legal fees if a claim is made, including claims made for corporate manslaughter and personal accidents.
 ō Loss of income due to business disruptions
 ō Breakdowns, roadside assistance, and onward transportation of passengers
 Chauffeur Insurance is sometimes available as Third Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft. However, due to the high levels of risk involved in the hire or reward trade, itís best to get full comprehensive coverage. If anything should happen to your vehicle, youíll need a replacement that is of the same class as your existing vehicle. Without a vehicle, you canít ply your trade, which means you canít make any income.

Possible discounts

 Although all motor insurance cover is expensive nowadays, you may be able to get some discounts. Some companies offer No Claims discounts. Some insurers may offer a discount if you use their risk management plans. You may also be able to get a discount for if youíve had previous taxi driver insurance. If youíve previously been insured on another hire or reward companyís policy, then you may be able to get reduced premiums. Moreover, insurers will usually give a discount for insuring multiple vehicles. The best way to get discounts is to ask the insurer what discounts are available to you.

Comparison shopping

 Another good way to get lower premiums is to do some comparison shopping. This can be done on the Internet or off-line. However, itís usually less time consuming and less costly to do your comparison shopping online. Most reputable insurers, insurance brokers, and Chauffeur Insurance specialists have websites you can visit. There are also a few specialist insurance comparison sites that you can utilise.
 To use the comparison sites, you simply fill out the brief forms as accurately as possible. Then you submit the forms and simply wait for various insurance companies to contact you with their offers. Once youíve collected several offers, you compare the companies, services offered, costs, benefits, and restrictions. Make sure you carefully read all the fine print before signing any insurance contract. Also be sure you understand exactly what is and is not included in the cover.
 You will want to find an insurer that offers 24/7 customer care services. You never know what time of day or night you may have an accident or breakdown along the roadside. Youíll also want to ensure your cover include at least some level of Public Liability and Employer Liability as part of your Chauffeur Insurance policy. Just remember that itís better to be over-insured than under-insured when youíre purchasing Chauffer Insurance.

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